After writing your white paper, you might have the urge to just publish it on your website or blog and leave it there. Well, this just defeats the purpose of putting all of that work into it now, doesn't it? You need to get the word out about what an awesome resource you have created and about how much everyone will benefit from it just by looking past the cover.

So, how are you going to manage this? Simple. Use what you already know and have access to the fullest advantage. You just need to learn about a few clever tactics.

Leveraging Your Blog

If you have a blog or article section on your site, you have a ready made market already seeking the information you provide. Therefore, this should be the first place you go. You should definitely write up something about your amazing report. But don't just write 'Uh...yeah, we needed a new marketing idea, so we...uh...we did up this thing... and you can download it.' Nope. You know what you're going to do?

You're going to find some great, juicy bits of information and you're going to build your post around them. It could be a few lesser known tips or hints, a handful of the stats you discovered, or a portion of your 'story' that adds a bit of mystery to your white paper and makes readers want to read it...they'll be waiting for you to publish. Trust me.

Some of you might argue that you're defeating the purpose of releasing the white paper in the first place. Well, for me, this isn't a valid argument because, if this little bit is all you have of value in your white paper, you need to reconsider your approach.

Providing your readers with a few bits of juicy information will help improve the attention your blog post gets, but it will also make them want to download the white paper. They won't be able to resist. It's like that old practical joke where you hang a paper bill out the top of an old purse filled with... never mind. It's tempting. Let's put it that way.

Angie Nikoleychuk (Haggstrom) is the Senior Copywriter and Consultant at Angie's Copywriting Services. She loves to create SEO Web copy and other types of online and offline content, but she figures SEO and Social Media is pretty great too. She likes to chat about business and marketing, find great links, and more. Oh, and you can find this copywriter on Twitter too.