Facebook page admins may have noticed something new under their posts lately. Facebook Insights launched a new feature for page admins, so that they can see impressions and feedback on each post. This new feature officially launched in June, 2010, and was only offered to pages that had more than 10,000 fans. But now all page admins will have access to this feature.

Impressions, Feedback on post

The number of impressions can be seen directly under the post for a quick look. For a more detailed understanding of the impressions on your posts, you can view it by going into Insights, and clicking on Interactions. See screenshot below.

What's So Good About It?

The great thing about this feature is that it lets you see which posts are getting across to your fans. Interaction among your fans is most likely one of your biggest goals as a social media user - so why not please your fans all the time by posting things that will get the most interactions.

Page admins can use Facebook impressions as a way to tailor their posts so they get more interaction among their fans. By looking at the Feedback percentage, admins can see which posts get the most interactions. Facebook takes the number of impressions (how many times the posts has showed up on a Facebook users' feeds, and on the page itself), and puts whatever feedback (comments and likes) there were from that post into a percentage.

For example, Search Engine People displayed a post on The 10 Most Incredible Google Bombs. If you read this post it probably gave you a good chuckle. This post had 3 likes, and two comments. Facebook concluded that this post had 683 impressions - not bad! And from that the percentage of feedback based on those 3 likes and 2 comments was 0.73%. Again - not bad.

Facebook Insights Impressions

From that we can compare this entertaining and insightful post with a completely different post to see which genre of posts our fans prefer and enjoy commenting on.

Keep Your Fans Where They Belong - On Your Page

This feature could be a great tool for keeping fans, and catering to them properly. If you track the feedback, you may be able to spot trends on what type of posts your fans like best. If you keep them satisfied with their preferred style, then you could have a healthy, active Facebook page.

What's Missing?

Unique impressions haven't made their way into this feature yet - but knowing the fast pace of Facebook, you will likely see it soon. Another thing I have noticed is that it only allows you to look at the most recent posts. However, impressions - even sans unique counts, and older posts - are still beneficial to Facebook page admins. I see it being most useful for those who want to keep their fans entertained and active on their page.

Can you think of any other uses for this feature?