Five-year-olds grow and evolve quickly, much like the world of digital marketing. They may only be a half-decade old, but - whether unwittingly or not - these three-foot beings are masterminds at conversion optimization.

"Give me a cookie!" ... "May I please have a cookie?"

These little rug rats will try everything to get their hands on an Oreo cookie. Devious tactics include split testing phrases on audiences like Mom or the babysitter. Similarly, consistently A/B testing your website elements will unveil what resonates well with your visitors. But, A/B testing isn't just for your calls-to-action. You should be testing images, landing pages, forms - all of it! You may find that one or two words can drastically increase or decrease your conversion rate, or something as simple as a colour change can tip the scales in your favour.

"If you let me play outside I promise to clean up my toys."

This is a prime example of explaining the benefits. Explaining how your product or service will benefit the consumer can help move them through the decision making process. Don't talk about what you do, tell the consumer why they need you. Explain what they're getting when they fill out your form, book online, or receive a free assessment.

Be sure to also follow through with any promises. Whether you promise to clean up your toys or you promise to respond within 24 hours - do it. Establishing trust through the right channels can help move a customer through the conversion funnel. How else can you establish trust? An article from Unbounce reveals:

"When you say it, it's marketing. When your customer says it, it's social proof."

Social proof, commonly known as informational social influence, refers to a psychological occurrence where people evaluate the actions of others to try and make the best choice for any given situation. You can add social proof to help convert visitors by using testimonials and reviews, social share buttons, trust boxes and more. Never underestimate the power of visual signals.

If you have a 5-year-old, chances are your fridge cluttered with hand-drawn sketches and macaroni art. Yet, each time you look at it, you heart flutters like the thousand wings of a butterfly migration. Why? Because images are powerful. When used properly, they can tug at heart strings or strike an emotional chord. Used incorrectly and all you're doing is using up prime real estate on your page. Having a strong, relevant visual component plays a key role in conversion success, so choose wisely.

Today, people are looking for an experience when they get to your website. They want to feel good, excited and cared for. If you touch on all of these aspects, you can connect with your visitors better, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and increased leads for your business.