90 minutes, fifty bucks and a little bit of knowledge goes a long way towards becoming Google Adwords Certified, which The (SEP) Guy is pleased to report he in fact did yesterday.

The exam, at over 100 questions is for the most part user-friendly. And there is a handy little study guide. Of course, for the really challenging questions, there's the thing called Google that you can search with. (I think this Internet thing is really going to catch on!)

A couple of questions require some thought, and a couple more cause you to overthink, but that's the way multiple choice tests work. (You know: A train leaves Detroit at 8:40 AM going 70 miles an hour and a train leaves Denver at 8:12 PM going 65 miles an hour. How many people took the A Train?)

Google Adwords Certification has a nice feel to it, but the goal here is to become the first search company in Canada to become Google Adwords Certified. (I'd say the first company in Canada, but I'm desperately hoping Google qualifies as that.)

The issue is, of course, one of pride. But moreover, it is one of credibility. Walking the walk. Drinking the Kool-Aid and all of that. Moreover, its is also a question of standardization within the industry.

Google Adwords Certification or even the Yahoo! Ambassador program doesn't necessarily make you the best out of the gate, but it does at least, let prospects know that your knowledge is current and you have the bare minimum. And it helps to let those in search of a search marketing company know that there are industry standards.

That can't possibly be anything but a good thing, and it is by far the single most important reason that Google should have done this a long time ago. Frankly, in the end it puts more money in their pockets.

~ The (SEP) Guy