insight This is a great way to leverage the power of social media and a great little Google tool to drive traffic to your site, and find out more about your audience.

After you write your next killer post make sure you Google the topic and find out where the topic is hot. For example say your post is the new iPad. Google new iPad", and find out where it is being discussed.

Let's say it is hot on techcrunch or on the popular sync blog. What next?

1. Read the post thoroughly. It is on the same topic as yours so you must have an opinion on it.

2. Add a rich comment to the post adding value to the conversation (read: dont be a douche). Youre not here to build links; youre here to get clicks.

3. This is the trick; add a shortened version of the link to your post. Your comment should be crafted to entice users to check out your post.

As long as you are adding value to the conversation it is highly unlikely that the administrator will remove your link; and if he does try another site 🙂

Check out the great data you could be combing over! URL shortner referrer stats

Twitter, Facebook, & Email

  1. Find social media influencers, if you are unsure how, check out my How to Find Niche Influencers in 5 Simple Steps post.
  2. Tweet, share, or mail your story using the shortened URL.
  3. You will then be able to see where you are attracting readers.
  4. If you want be super metric savvy, you can calculate your interaction ratio (not sure if this is yet a real thing, but if it isnt you heard it here first)

Total Number of Click/Number of Comments on Post = Interaction Ratio

Although you can get information like this by diving into your analytics, the instant nature of these URL shortener tools make the information directly accessible to you and anyone you need to share the stats with.

What other tricks can you think of to use URL shorteners for?