Just wanted to give a shout out to all the great people I met this week at PubCon. I do have a wee bit of spirits in me thanks to the great guys at Linkworth, so pardon me if I misspell anyone's name, get a name wrong, or forget anyone. But rest assured, if I spoke with you anytime this week, then I'm very happy to have done so. So thanks to everyone listed below (in no particular order):

Bill Slawski
Rand Fishkin
Jane (of SEOmoz)
Barry Schwartz
Aaron Wall
Danny Sullivan
Brett Tabke
Dave (aka Drum)
Eric Enge
Beth Strukelj
Chris Boggs
Michael McDonald
Andy Beal
Lee Odden
Andy Hagans
Todd Malicoat
Rae Hoffman
Everett Sizemore
Tina Dixon
Pittbug (keeping you anonymous)
Terry Light
CWSteam (sorry dude don't know how to spell your real name)

I only got to do a quick meet and greet with some of you, and with others, I was able to have a nice chat. But I appreciate having met with all of you, as well as those people whose names escape me.

Great fun this week. Thanks, Brett, for hosting a great PubCon.