This opportunity to guest post on Search Engine People came about through Twitter, a social media site that is utilised in many SEO strategies and crucial to expanding an online presence. Social Media, E-Marketing, Content Writing and Link Building are all strategies, when used together, provide results in the most important places online; the search engines.

Of course, everyone needs assistance and fortunately there are various online tools that help an SEO campaign run much smoother. With this in mind, it's important to know which tools hold high value for SEO to then be used within campaigns for various businesses.

Content Tools:

It's important for any website to have exciting, original and well put together content. One of the major setbacks for any website within a search engine is duplicate content. Fortunately, Copyscape is a free tool that only requires the input of a URL to trace plagiarism. Scanning those sites that contain the same content as the searched page, it is the ideal tool for developing your content and ensuring it's 100% original.

The only flaw with this tool is its inability to track which sites copied which. However, those companies that have the desire to reach top positions within Search Engines can arrange for new content to be written to improve the performance of their website.

Key Word Selection Tool:

At the heart of any successful SEO campaign is the ability to ensure that the keywords are wisely chosen. With this in mind, the Google Adwords: Keyword Tool is the ideal choice because it provides; keywords with high local search volume, recommendations for alternative phrases, as well as the opportunity to help with