If you are just starting your online business, youre probably wondering how many websites you should run to create a sustainable stream of income. Here are some valuable insights on what it takes to cover multiple sites, as well as what first to check on your newbie marketer agenda.

Test & Experiment

First, I believe that any marketer should run multiple websites, even if they are just throwaway pages.

You need some pages where you can test, experiment and try new things all the time. You need to test what works and what doesnt. Theres a reason why car makers crash perfectly working cars against walls.

If you dont have any firsthand experience on whats working and not, how do you know what you can get away with and what the effects are, without making costly mistakes?

Dont Keep All Your Eggs In One Basket

Besides, having just one site is like putting all your eggs into one basket. This leaves you extremely vulnerable to the ever changing of search engine algorithms. Instead, create small sites with 10-20 pages and bring traffic using different techniques all the time.

However, having too many sites may stop you from successfully managing any of them.

Your visitors will soon realize this and stop coming back for more. Moreover, having too many sites would translate to spending too much on advertising.

The best thing to do is to focus on a few sites, about 2 - 6 will do, which leaves you with more time to work on them, learn about your visitors and promote your business. One more thing, I also think you should run multiple sites and they should all be in different niches.

My advice is to stay away from creating average sites hoping to make $10 a day. The internet is stuffed with such sites, so youll hardly get noticed. Also, you will soon lose focus. Plus, its easier to make $100 a day from couple of sites, than from as a few dozen, because the time needed for a website to establish itself and get ranked by the search engine is the longest. So, it will take longer for you to earn your first $5 per day from a website, than it would for your next $5.

When Should You Start A New Site?

When you decide to build a website, you should strive to make it the best one in its niche. Never start a site unless you are absolutely sure on the niche you want to cover and never stop until you have built it.

You should stop working on your first website and move on to the next only when your earnings have plateaued or if you dont have anything new to add without repeating yourself. Make sure youve covered everything in your niche, because search engines love huge, extremely detailed websites, just as much as organic visitors do.

Test and experiment as much as you can, push the limits, do something crazy stupid, I can guarantee youll learn something.

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