When Facebook opened up its platform this past February to enable pages to engage with one another, it opened the doors for brands to prospect in ways that are not unlike traditional direct marketing channels.

Think about it. Similar to email or postal lists, a Facebook page now provides a brand reach to another brands fans. There lies the opportunity for brands to like other brands and engage with a page and its fans. Those comments and likes will drive viewers of the page back to your page, providing you with the opportunity to convert the visitor into a new fan.

Impact of Page Networking

Im going to share a case study to show you the impact that this networking strategy can have.  In this chart Client A is a professional services corporation whose Facebook page my company manages. Client B is a luxury retail brand that we consult with, but dont manage their page.

Shortly after Facebook made the platform change in February to enable brands to engage with other brands, we began to implement the networking strategy for Client A. Client B chose not to implement it. Look at the results.

Client As rate of new fans was boosted by 111%. Client B gained new fans, but at a rate 21% less than the previous month.

While a 37% growth in unique page views for Client B is nothing to shake a stick at, Client As unique page views increased by 279%, which was heavily responsible for the increase in the new likes.  And again its nice to see a 20% growth in total page views, but it pales in comparison to 529%.

My advice? If you are serious about driving new visitors to your Facebook page, make this strategy a daily event.