You have just come up with a brilliant idea for a new website guaranteed to make you big bucks, right? You have in mind what keyword phrase is going to bring in those bucks. But can you really compete for that keyword phrase? How competitive is it really? You cannot use just the number of results returned in a search to determine keyword competitiveness. A phrase with a smaller number of results may be highly competitive as well. Determining this has been a bit more tedious in the past, but Randfish has made the process much simpler with his new Keyword Difficulty tool.

The tool measures each of the following to calculate the difficulty:

  1. Number of Words in Phrase
  2. Times Searched Last Month
  3. Number of Results for Search at Google
  4. Number of Results for Search at Google in Quotes
  5. Top 3 Bids at Overture
  6. Strength of Competitors' Backlinks
  7. Strength of Competitors' Pages PR
  8. Strength of Competitors' Site's PR
  9. Strength of Competitors' Size

While it is still a good idea to take a good look at the top 10 sites returned and make a human-based judgement on the competitiveness of a keyword, this tool goes a long way in making the process much easier. Check it out at