Mashable offers an exclusive sneak peek at the new MySpace interface.

MySpace was one of the pioneers of social networking.

One of the reasons MySpace failed was it offered too much customization. Instead of the easily customizable home page we are all used to on Facebook, MySpace users can use HTML to make their own backgrounds and profiles. This had a lot of appeal, but was difficult for all users to implement.

Simplifying the platform is a huge step in the right direction.

It is hard to see people migrating to MySpace, but it has happened before. I personally was a long time loyal Bebo user, before I became a dual user (Facebook and Bebo), and finally simply a Facebook user.

The MySpace redesign is in a grey area, wavering somewhere between Facebook and Stumbleupon, or Digg.

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The new centralized stream and forthcoming tools are targeting a new generation of users.

MySpace is busy trying to unearth a feature that can in effect be a Facebook Killer.

Unlike rival startups, MySpace maintains some loyal followers.

MySpace is still one step ahead of its peers in social music, given them valuable and exclusive content. Independent music artists have long held MySpace as the staple of their communities and the survival of MySpace can largely be credited to its popularity in the music industry.

What does this mean for SEP readers??

  • MySpace remains a strong, relevant player in the music industry. Bands and others in the music industry do good ensuring representation on MySpace
  • Its unlikely at this point that MySpace will win back from Facebook what it lost " even though it was just as unlikely back then that Facebook could take on the then mighty MySpace
  • If you own a MySpace account, ensure it remains relatively active. News stories like these can break, causing people to check out whats happening.