Once youve established that you too should be represented at the party and trade fair that is online social networking and youve decided on and opened up the types of social netowrking accounts for business, youll have to become familiar and comfortable with using those accounts.

While some direction comes from answering the question what is it that we want to achieve by posting to this social networking account, there are some general rules of thumb you can practice.

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Social Networking Content Check List

  • I dont promote myself or my company all the time; Im not the annoying presence at a social gathering
  • When I promote myself or my company it is almost passively, by being present in the discussion; I sell the same way I would during any other social event
  • I re-share third party or other peoples information, links and promotions 9 times before I share my own promotional material once
  • I provide value; I share interesting information without being argumentative or in your face about it
  • I provide distraction; I share funny or remarkable stories without stooping to levels that dont fit me or my company
  • Im responsive; when people address me, I respond
  • Im helpful; when I see people have a problem in my area of expertise, I help or suggest help

Be Pleasant

In short: be pleasant. Be the account that when your posting begins, others click on your links because you consistently provide a good time, be it through interesting stories or fun links.