Online Advertising Passes $1Billion In Canada

According to The Globe & Mail and Keith McArthur, online advertising in Canada surpassed the one billion dollar mark in Canada in 2006, and is expected to rise a further 32% this year. It also represents an 80% increase over 2005.


This is apparently about 8% of the total advertising spend in Canada, but those numbers will be confirmed in coming weeks/months.

So how does it play out?

According to the article, the lion's share at 36% is display advertising; with search advertising at 35%; classified at 27% and email advertising at 2%.

How does that compare with the U.S.? While the article doesn't detail that, according to, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) estimate a 2006 U.S. advertising spend of $16.8 B, so overall, not bad.

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