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I've talked about submitting to directories several times before and I've recently discovered another good directory submission service. Some of the things I like about this particular service are:

  • You can distribute and schedule your submissions at your own pace, i.e. you can submit your site to as many or as few directories as you want to at any given time. This allows you to space out the submissions, which gives it that natural, organic flavor. Luckily, they keep track of the list of directories your site is submitted to on each order. This way, you can submit to more directories from their list in the future without worrying about duplicating submissions (and fees).
  • Use up to 5 different anchor text and descriptions.
  • Live, detailed status reports

At 14 cents each ($14 per 100 directories), and with each directory being hand checked for SEO friendliness, this is a viable contender in the directory submission niche.

They also give lots of helpful advice within articles. One in particular that caught my eye was Directory Submission Guidelines - Improving the chances of getting your site approved. If you're going to pay (even 14 cents) for something, then you should at least do your best to make that money count. Give the submission team good data to work with, and they stand a better chance of getting directory editors to approve your listings.

Sometimes I have the time to do my own directory submissions, but most of the time I don't. That's when I turn to a service to do the work for me. Directory Maximizer is now on my list of services to outsource to.

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