Online Video Marketing: Leverage Social Media to Achieve Gazelle-like Sales Growth – Part 2

You have invested in creating a marketing video to promote your company. Now what?!? In part 2 of this scintillating blog about online video marketing, you will learn how to leverage social media marketing and SEO to drive more traffic to your site, to attract more customers, and ultimately generate more profits.

NOTE: At the end of the blog, there is a key online branding tip that every business owner and marketer needs to read. Hint -- it's your wallpaper!

In Part 1 - Online Video Marketing: 7 Hot Tips to Maximize Your Video to Generate More Sales Leads, we explored seven ways to promote the video on your website and in your communications to generate more sales. Because I want to tease you to read it -- I share only these three tips: host the video on your website (not YouTube!), create a video sitemap, and leverage your email signature with an image and link to your video.

Tip 1: Social Media -- set up profiles

Secure your brand identity on key social media sites -- before someone takes your business name! Set-up your free accounts on the top social networking sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google Plus (G+), LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more.

Why? When you are ready to start tweeting or pinning your "business name" may already have been taken. This has happened to two clients in the past year. Unlike domain names where you can buy the name from the owner -- you can't with most social media sharing sites.

Even if you can convince that teenager from Idaho, U.S.A. to stop using your business name on Facebook (although your name has nothing to do with his real name or the one he chose) you cannot start using it once it has been deleted. Why? Facebook will always keep it in their database -- ditto for twitter! 🙂

NOTE: check out the eBizMBA report on the Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites. This report is based on Alexa Global Traffic Rank and U.S. Traffic Rank from both Compete and Quantcast. It is a great reference site and definitely worth checking out as it is constantly updated.

Tip 2: Pinterest -- post a video

Pinterest the hottest new social networking media platform catapulted to number 4 on eBIZMBA's report. It is not just a photo sharing site.

It is surprisingly easy to post a video on Pinterest. Follow these steps and you can post your video in less than one minute!

Step 1. Click on the ADD + button (located in the top navigation bar)

Step 2. Click on Add a Pin

Step 3. Insert the video link (e.g. from YouTube or Vimeo)

Step 4. Choose the category. (Suggest you create a new category called "Videos".)

Step 5. Write a short description which is a maximum of 500 characters. It can be edited later. Tip: remember to include a link to your website!

Tip 3: YouTube -- its more than uploading a video

For many people, when they post their video on YouTube they think the job is done and tens of thousands will flock to their site -- only in your dreams! The following are critical steps to leverage your exposure.

1. Create a channel on YouTube. Include a short description of your company with links to your website, blog, and other social media sharing sites.

2. Use keywords in the title of the video. Do not use any word more than twice to avoid keyword stuffing

3. In the first line of the description include the following three elements:

  • your website with a hyperlink (e.g. use http:// not just "www")
  • phone number (list both your toll-free and local number)
  • unique offer (e.g. Free Marketing Consultation, Promotional discount)

YouTube changes the rules from time to time. Today the first three lines of the description are displayed, whereas before it was only one line. Since we do not know when the rules will change, put the most important information in the first line. Better safe than sorry.

Online Branding -- your professional image

Too many businesses forget about their brand when setting up their online profiles. Your brand is your company image -- the impression that you give to both your customers and prospective customers. Everyone has a pet peeve, mine is branding inconsistency.

Each social media sharing site has its own requirements for sizes and options. The image size on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus appears to be the same to the average eye. A word of caution: it is not.

Like me, if you are not a skilled graphic designer you should rely on a professional to ensure your logo, banners, images are neither truncated nor out-of-focus.

I am delighted with the work that the graphic design company did for my social media profiles -- banners, images, wallpaper etc. Check out their great work with my twitter and YouTube wallpaper.

Final Words

The proof is in the pudding, as my dear Grandma McCabe used to say.

Take a look at what I have discovered on my own website and you will realize that to invest in a corporate video is a no-brainer! When a prospective client visits my site and views:

Video drives more sales leads and generates more profits. See Grandma, there's the proof!

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About the Author: Maureen McCabe

Attract more customers with a customized marketing strategy and plan which will "generate more profits." (my tag line)

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