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I posted this over at SEORefugee, but it was suggested that I add it here as well, so here it is.

A lot of people seem to be starting WordPress blogs (as newbies) lately, so I thought I would share a tip here. A newly installed wp blog uses the same title across all pages (ew). It also does not come with a meta description tag (which is ok, but if you want it, then you need to make sure you make them unique). Here's what ya do...

In your theme's directory, open header.php.

Replace current title with:

'; bloginfo('name'); wp_title(); echo''; } else { echo''; the_title(); echo ' | '; bloginfo('name'); echo ''; } ?>

Under that, add:

" />

The first part will put the blog name on the home page (in the title), and use the post title and blog name as the title on the post pages.

The second part will put the blog name and description (found in the Options / General section in the Tagline field) on the home page (for the meta description), and put the post title as the description on the post pages.

Note: Sorry about the bad code formatting. If you can't grab the code from here, just head on over the SEORefugee post (linked above) to get it.

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