2952179726_febbc36f33_z Savvy email marketers have learned that event triggered messages can deliver off-the-charts results. In its Remarketing Report White Paper published last year, Experian CheetahMail stated that on average, abandoned cart emails result in more than 20x the transaction rates and revenue per email than regular broadcast messages.

Social media now gives marketers an environment rich with events that can be used to inspire outreach, as well as new channels from which to deliver the triggered message. Think of all the touch points in your marketing platform where a customer or prospect has engaged in a way that is just begging for follow-up or acknowledgment.

The tips that follow require your customer database to be enhanced with social data, a process that gets my vote as the #1 investment for brands who want to monetize the social networks and measure ROI on their efforts.

  1. Abandoned email clicks: A second cousin to abandoned shopping cart or abandoned browse customers, these folks have demonstrated that they are interested enough in a particular offer to click its link. For those customers who are active Twitter users, an @Mention might just nudge them over the fence.
  2. New Facebook fans and Twitter followers: Acknowledge their presence and get the social relationship off on a grand start with a welcome email with an offer that will inspire them to stay engaged.
  3. Twitter RTs and mentions: Your Twitter follower who retweets your messages or recommends you in a hash tag event is your evangelist who deserves a hearty thanks. Why not reach out to these folks with an email or Twitter offer that rewards them for their loyalty and promotion?
  4. Facebook comments: A Facebook fan who has raved about your products or services on your Wall has set off a viral advertising campaign to all their friends, not to mention reinforcing how great your brand is to your fans who saw the post. An email offer that rewards them for their praise strengthens the relationship while inspiring them to continue the action that tells Facebook your posts are important to them.

I know there are many more events that can be added to this list. Id love for you to help me to expand it here.