5 Attributes of a Power Blogger

So you want to be a power blogger? Here are some attributes that you will find in all of the great bloggers that have tens of thousands of subscribers, hundreds of thousands of unique visitors every month, and high PR blogs that everyone wants a link on. This doesnt happen by accident, and it definitely doesnt happen overnight. It takes hard work, discipline, and these 5 attributes below.

What makes a power blogger?


She dares to be different.

She forgets what everyone else is writing about and tackles a unique angle that no one has even thought of before.

She constantly pushes the envelope to be unique and to set herself apart from the other thousands of blogs online.

She does things that no one else dares to try because they want to play it safe.

She knows that its pointless to have a blog that is just like hundreds of other ones.

Why would they bother coming to his site if there are 200 more just like it?


She is passionate about every post.

The power blogger knows that every post needs to be written as if its the best article she has ever thought of. If you dont think the article you are writing is very good, then neither will your readers and they probably wont come back for more.

No matter how tempting it is to do otherwise, only write on topics about which you are passionate. That passion will show through and will make the post easy to share with other people through Digg, Facebook, and Twitter.


She creates timely posts.

There is nothing worse than blog posts that are out of date. The power blogger knows whats going on in the world in her niche and will write about things people are concerned about right NOW. Forget what they were talking about 1 year ago or even a month ago. People want to read the latest information, and if you are constantly providing it they will always come back.

The best way to establish a loyal fan base? Write often and write about current issues.


She interacts with people great and small.

The thing I love about people like Seth Godin is that they are approachable. The more accessible you make yourself to your readers through email, social media, and forums, the more they will care about what you have to say. The old saying, People dont care about how much you know until they know how much you care. is very true here.

Try to answer every blog comment directed at you and reply to emails and private messages as if they were from Darren Rowse himself.


She inspires people instead of just writing for search engines.

There are a lot of struggling bloggers out there and their posts are as depressing as can be. People dont want to read negativity all the time. They want to be inspired to be something greater. A power blogger inspires her readers with encouraging thoughts and helpful advice. If she sees an area of trouble, she will not just point it out but will explain how to work through it. If you are writing to inspire people I guarantee they will be coming back for more.

About the Author: Jonathan Souza

Jon is a writer for www.SafeIdentityProtection.com which helps keep people aware of identity theft prevention.

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