If you're a certified geek ( not a nerd ) , its quite likely that you've grown up with epic classics such as the Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien. After going on a 9 hour Lord of the Rings triology marathon, I was wondering what the how Frodo, Gandalf, Gimli and Sam would do SEO in the land of Google.

Sméagol the Spammer - Smigol the spammer type's can often be found lurking on the Digital Point forums, offering spammy services to unwary customers in search of search optimization services.

Tortured and wrought wretched by the lure of the western union payments, Smigol is a withered, piteous creature. Driven mad and twisted by the close of his Paypal account ages ago, he is compelled to haunt SEO forums, unable to be anything beyond a 'snake oil salesman'

Sauron the Dark Lord (Blackhat Extraordinaire) - You don't want to mess with this guy, because he'll blow your rankings out of the water...for about a month. Disembodied when the Florida update damaged all his white hat rankings, the Dark Lord Sauron became a shadowy echo of his former self. Formless and terrifying, he returned to his rebuilt dedicated servers, and from there began to use X-rumer and other dark forces to spam the hell out of exploitable social media sites and forums. Sauron exists as the fiery eye of blackhattery, only emerging publicly with an avatar of a rather attractive femme fatale.
Aragorn the Brave ( Whitehat Link Crusader) - Member of the Fellowship of Search, and crusader against all that snake oil salesmen offering spammy links from the land of Digital Point. The SEO equivalent of Aragorn can be found

  • Engaging in conversation of how link siloing is the way to go
  • Talking about what a stand up guy Matt Cutts is
  • Sphinning his way to glory

Gandalf the Grey (He who has been around longer than Google) - The Gandalf's of the SEO world are beyond wise, understanding the true breadth and depth of the search marketing industry. Revered for their years of experience, their opinion is the stuff of hot posts on Sphinn. You can find Gandalf:

  • Moderating Sphinn, Crea8site, and SEO Chat forums
  • IM'ing Matt Cutts to re-instate Page Rank that's unduly been undone
  • Speaking at every SEO, SEM, SMM conference possible
  • Having had so many clients, that they pass new ones on to their wide network of friends....it is a fellowship afterall!

Frodo the First-timer - Like many getting their feet wet, you'll find the Frodo's of the SEO world lurking around SEO blogs, forums and communities, and asking questions such as 'what is seo'? 'And does submitting to 10,000 search engines help'?
Of course they all learn pretty darn fast these days, and in no time they're leading the pack with their very own SEO blog. From time to time, there will be a couple that break out of their shell and become the next search marketing prodigy ruling the social media front pages ;).

Arwen the Search Goddess - A combination of beauty and brains, the ladies of search marketing are popular within the search marketing community. Like the elf princess Arwen, they embody wisdom, class, and more social media prowress than you can handle.

Much like the Gandalf's of the SEO world, Arwen's can be found fighting the good fight by educating the masses about puristic search marketing. Some have owned their own epic agencies, while others have helped build the foundations of Google. The search marketing community wouldn't quite be the same without them!