SEO Scoop birthday cakeThree years ago today, SEO Scoop was born. Much has changed in the SEO world in those three years, and SEO Scoop has changed with the times as well. To honor you, the Scoop readers, I held a contest this year and the lucky winner is ...

Congrats, judith.lewis! (I won't list the entire email address here for obvious privacy reasons).

Enjoy your 2 months of free SEOmoz Premium membership. Please let us know what your experience with it is.

For the rest of you, thank you all for spending a little part of your days here with me. I appreciate your time.

Although it's Scoop's birthday, and not mine, you might want to read the latest interview I gave that was just published yesterday over at Distinct SEO Blog.

And now a special Happy Birthday to Jackie. It's your birthday too! 🙂