SEO Toolbar V2.0

I've been asked to do a review of SEO Inc's SEO Toolbar v2.0. The following is a paid review.

I have to start out with some negatives here. First of all, I'm not a big fan of toolbars simply because they take up browser space. But if the functionality is worthwhile, then I'd certainly consider giving up the space for it. So, I downloaded the SEO Toolbar so that I could do a thorough review of it. Here's where things went wrong. Normally, I use FireFox as my browser, but apparently the toolbar doesn't work with FireFox. I say "apparently" because there's no requirements info that I could find. No problem, though, I know that toolbars usually only work with IE, so I just fired up my IE7 browser. I went to View / Toolbars, and sure enough (unlike FireFox), the new SEO Toolbar was in the list of choices. So I clicked on it to put a checkmark next to it. Nothing happened. toolbar showed up, so I thought maybe I mis-clicked. Went back to View / Toolbars, and tried again. Still nothing. I tried repeatedly and finally had to conclude that the toolbar must also not work with IE7. Oh much for actually testing it.

So, instead, I'll simply list some of the features that the site mentions and let you decide on your own if it's a good product to use or not. It's free, so you might as well give it a shot. I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Ok, on to the rest of the "review".

It has a Ranking feature that allows you to get ranking for a domain or keyword in Yahoo, Google and MSN, individually or all at once.

You can search from it, of course. That's pretty standard with a toolbar, although I don't imagine anyone really needs this these days. However, it does allow advanced searches such as language, file format, etc., so that's a positive.

Get some good SEO data about a site such as Google (internal/external) links, Google cache date, Yahoo! (internal/external) links, MSN (internal/external) links, Dmoz, Google Directory, and Yahoo! Directory inclusion.

Also get some nice site data such as URL IP(s), Load Time, Ping, Whois data, and Response Header.

So, all in all, it might be a worthy addition to your browser, based purely on features, but I'll have to leave the "how well it actually works" part of it up to you.

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