The Big List of Social Aggregators

Nowadays, there are far too many social networks out there for any one human being to reasonably interact with. So we tend to pick our favourites and interact with people on the networks we prefer. However, when you have active accounts on more than one network, it can get a bit onerous to keep checking them all for updates.

And so the Social Aggregator was born.

While FriendFeed is probably the most well-known social aggregator, it's by far not the only choice, and there is no lack of options right now.

And so (drumroll please) here's the big list of social aggregators!

Some of these aggregators you can use for monitoring multiple networks, some you can use for pushing out content to multiple networks, and some of these you can use for both.

Have fun!


In - These aggregators pull in information from various networks
Out - These aggregators push out information to various networks
Both - These aggregators pull in and push out information on various networks

NameTopic/FocusIn/OutStated Support
8handsGeneralInFacebook, Flickr, MySpace, YouTube, WordPress, Twitter, LiveJournal, Blogger, FeedBurner
AlertThingyDesktopBothtwitter, facebook
clipmarksGeneralOutfriendfeed, twitter, facebook, blog, delicious
digsbyGeneralBothFacebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn
dipityGeneralBothmysapce, facebook, twitter, iphone, wordpress
environsFacebook AppInFlickr, digg, twitter, "and many more"
FriendFeedGeneralBothLOTS - 58 at writing
fuserGeneralBothFacebook, MySpace, Friendster and LinkedIn
Google ReaderGeneralInAnything that produces an RSS feed
gruvieGeneralBothfacebook, LinkedIn, twitter, myspace, yahoo mail, gmail
hellotxtGeneralBothtwitter, facebook, bebo, plurk, myspace, identica, fanfou
ImintaGeneralInLOTS - too many to list
JibeMobileBothflickr, Youtube "and more"
KosmixInformationIntwitter, RSS, flickr, picasa, hulu, youtube, vimeo, others
lifestrea.msGeneralBothtwitter, facebook, myspace, gmail
Lifestream.fmGeneralInLOTS - too many to list
MingglGeneralBothtwitter, facebook, LinkedIn, myspace, digg, flickr
MySocial 24x7FirefoxBothfriendfeed, twitter, RSS
nomeeDesktopBothLOTS - over 100 networks
NoovoGeneralBothtwitter, wordpress, blogger, flickr
OneRiotGeneralIntwitter, digg
Ping.fmGeneralOutLOTS - over 40 networks
Power.comGeneral LinkedIn, orkut, myspace, twitter, hi5
ProfilacticGeneralBothLOTS - 190 networks
ProfileFlyGeneralIndigg,, flickr, delicious, twitter "and many more"
seesmicGeneralBothfacebook, twitter
Shout'EmGeneralBothfacebook, Ning, twitter, blogs
skimmerDesktopBothfacebook, twitter, flickr, youtube, blogger
SnagGeneralInfacebook, friendster, myspace, LinkedIn, Hi5
sobeesDesktopBothfacebook, twitter, flickr, friendfeed, youtube, RSS
Social PosterGeneralOutLOTS
socialmedianNewsBothfacebook, twitter, google reader, youtube, flickr
socialmentionGeneralInLots - 80 Networks
spokeoHRInLOTS - over 40 networks
strandsSportsInGarmin, Nike+, facebook, twitter, flickr,, "and many more"
streamyGeneralIn, flickr, blogger, typepad
where is meGeneralInLOTS
Whos TalkinGeneralIn 

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