For a long, long time, I've maintained that the Internet is about habituation.

In much the same way your paper comes came to the doorstep every day with the headline, a sports section, classifieds, local news, entertainment, etc., in it's very predictable manner, people should little variation in how they use the Internet in their every day. There may be the occasional departure from protocol, in much the same way you may spend more time with the classifieds when you have to find a new apartment or a used car but for the most part, tis the same old, same old.

Therein is a very valuable lesson that I believe is frequently tossed aside as marketers.

Because it's online marketing doesn't mean it's new. It's marketing. And the same things that inform your marketing decisions offline, should inform them online.

Know what you know and allow that to be the premise of your online initiative.

We can be a little, what's the word?, arrogant when it comes to clients, be they internal or external.

We may understand search but there are those who are more informed when it comes to marketing, and those who are more or better informed when it comes to their market segment.

A keyword strategy and a search strategy is not necessarily a marketing strategy. And it is for that reason that we as search marketers need to start from the business perspective and not from the online perspective.

It's an important distinction and one that necessarily needs to be made.

Have a good one.

~The (SEP) Guy