Remember in 2008 when you were so angry at Mark Zuckerberg for changing Facebook? You had to adjust to Facebook all over again, and you many of you were new to the network. Well, if you're still heated over 2008's Facebook facelift, you should prepare yourself for yet another one.

The Changes Aren't So Bad

I was one of the many angered Facebook users in 2008, however, after previewing the changes on Facebook's company blog, I'm actually pretty impressed with the new changes.

If you watched 60 Minutes on December 5th, you already know about this upcoming facelift, as Zuckerberg discussed it in his interview. The new profiles should be going live tomorrow, according to Mashable, however, some have already started rolling out, even though Facebook said it will be gradually rolling out the new profiles by early next year.

New Facebook Profile

Who Is The New Facebook You?

  • At the top of your profile, you will see a little blurb of yourself at the top. The "About Me" section you are so used to, is featured under your name on your profile page. Instantly, everyone knows everything you want them to know about yourself right away.
  • Another feature I think is pretty cool, being the social butterfly I am, is the featured friends feature. You can now feature all your besties, teammates, or co-workers.
  • The education and work section of your profile will now be more personalized, and customized to highlight these areas in your life. I work at Search Engine People; on my profile it says so. But now I can say I wrote this post about the Facebook facelift of 2010. In other words, you can feature projects, and people who worked on the project with you in your career. You can also add the people who were in your classes at school. I went to University of Ottawa, so I could list a class that I really loved, and a classmate who I collaborated on a project with. COOL!

New Education and Work Section

Give It a Chance

You may see a few other features pop up, but these were the ones I thought were really interesting. In fact, I can't see myself being irritated or angered by these changes. What are your thoughts? Are you ready for a facelift?