Oh, I love this. The deluge of "news" articles about Google's re-release of JotSpot as Google Sites has only just begun and already everyone and their mother has an opinion that needs to be shared.

296772136_17cd62e7b4_m Which is great -- I'm not one to lobby for blogging to then slam it. In fact, as soon as I heard about the release (Twitter, anyone?) I wanted to write about it all SEO expert style, you know? How Google Sites will increase the number of sites on the web (duh!). Or how down the line Google could include automated optimization reports for Google Sites the way they're toying around for AdSense.

Or how about "SEO for Google Sites", "10 No Fail Tricks to Ranking Google Sites" and the ever popular yet speculative "Google Sides With Google Sites?"

I'm doing none of those because, SEO or not, for me the real story is in the one that broke it all; Rob Hof's (BusinessWeek) Jotspot Returns As Google Sites: Wiki-Style Collaboration.


The big news bang was supposed to happen today -- but BusinessWeek beat everybody to the story by at least one hour. By accident of course.

The blogging software they've been using -- since what? end of 2005? 2006? -- posted the entry an hour early.

That's a trick an excuse a story that doesn't go down well with everyone.


Any take aways? Sure. It's not why I've written this specifically -- but sure.

  • "Future" posting is a secure mechanism to keep posts from sight
  • Time zones have no influence on "future" posting
  • Always rely on functionality such as "Draft" status to hide a post from sight.
  • Good relations first

The wonderful photo of Emma that has made my morning was taken by fittzer from Ireland.