Top Video Marketing Techniques in 2018


As broadband connections get more affordable and widespread and the quality of mobile Internet grows, video content becomes an integral part of the online experience – and it means that video marketing also becomes an inherent part of marketing strategy. According to statistics gathered in December 2017, 81 percent of businesses use video in their marketing (up from 63 percent a year before). And the role of video will continue to grow because nothing engages audiences emotionally better than video.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run – if you have an online presence, it can only win from spicing up your marketing with video content or even focusing your efforts on it. In this article, we will discuss some methods and techniques that will help you in 2018.

1. Brand Films

Brand films are short promotional videos aimed at sharing the values of your company with your viewers. If it immediately sounds boring and stale, it is the fault of those who understand this task literally and uses them to talk about delivering the highest quality, providing complete satisfaction and using other meaningless buzzwords.

However, brand films are one of the best ways to give the viewer an image of what your company stands for, making it highly memorable and entertaining at the same time. 76 percent of users say they would share a branded video with their friends if they consider it to be entertaining or funny – so think how you can apply it to your business. And don’t say you don’t have enough money – this approach can be both expensive and cheap.

2. Video Demos And Explainer Videos

95 percent of Internet users habitually watch explainer videos to learn more about a product or service – either to make a decision if they want to buy it or to understand how to use it. Also, take into account how Google’s “how” queries have grown throughout 2017. What we are driving at is this – the video isn’t just an effective promotional tool, it also does wonders to transmit information in a casual and visual way. By providing high-value content related to your product you create the loyal customer base that will be more open to your message for years to come. Consider Luxy Hair as an example – this company sells hair extensions and builds its video marketing around valuable tips and hacks that can be used even by those who don’t currently use their product, making them likely to buy it in future.

If you sell a digital product or service and worry that a demo video won’t be picturesque enough, don't let it bother you – people want to see how it works, so show it to them. Download a free tool to record desktop and prepare informative demonstrations showcasing all the advantages of your product.

3. Live Streaming

63 percent of people aged 18-34 watch live streams regularly, so it is probably high time for you to think about how you can leverage this latest trend. Although live streams have a lot of spontaneity about them, it doesn't mean you shouldn't prepare a timetable and assign those responsible for churning out such videos on a regular basis. What’s even better, after a stream is over, it can be repurposed.

4. Animation

Animation possesses an enormous marketing potential. It utilizes nostalgia and our love for colorful imagery. It makes it easy to create and maintain an individual style. It can showcase your product in ways impossible with live action. It can cram a lot of information into a short clip – like here, for example.

Another piece of good news is that nowadays it is much more affordable than it used to be – there are many services studios at a very reasonable rate that can do high-quality animation work without it costing you an arm and a leg.


Video in marketing isn’t just text in another format – it is a completely independent tool with great versatility and potential. It allows businesses to connect with customers on personal, emotional and human levels impossible for any other type of content. If you don’t actively use it right now, you are leaving money on the table. And the costs of neglecting it will grow exponentially as the time goes on.

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