Twitter is killing my blog

I am a big fan of Twitter. It is a great way to develop online relationships and engage in interesting conversations (albeit in 140 character bursts).

Twitter can be beneficial on a personal and professional level for individuals and can be a great way for businesses to engage with their customers.

Twitter is also a great resource for blog ideas but it is far too easy to get stuck within Twitter trying to shoehorn a blog post into the microblogging format.

All in all Twitter is a great resource for individuals and businesses but I have found that it is indirectly killing my blog.


Twittah the blog killah

Aaron Wall wrote about how Twitter is hurting blogs and bloggers recently.

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While that is in an issue that many blogs may be experiencing the problem about which I am concerned is a different one.

You see before I became addicted to Twitter I would express my thoughts and opinions on my blog.

If a topic piqued my interest I would take the time to sit down and write about it.

While I don't have many readers I do have a few and if the topic was interesting enough it would result in some discussion.

Now with Twitter I can just post my thoughts and have an engaging conversation with all of my followers. I can have discussions in real time with a wider range of people.

It is quicker and much easier than taking the time to write a blog post. That's one of the reasons that my blog has become so sparse lately after I rebuilt it.

Twitter is killing my blog and I am letting it happen; is it happening to you too?

Find Time for Twitter and your blog

Between real SEO work and family stuff finding time to blog can be difficult.

Instead of writing a blog post I can express my thoughts in Twitter quickly and without a lot of preparation. I would be willing to bet that there are a few of you out there who are in the same situation.

Twitter allows for immediate feedback but the conversations can sometimes lack depth. That is what a blog is for.

Twitter conversations are limited by the 140 character limit and tweeting 5 times in a row to express your point and it stifles the conversation.

Set some time aside to write on your blog and devote the time necessary for an in-depth analysis of the subject matter.

If you are like me you have spent considerable time, energy, and even money on your blog. Dont let Twitter, or any other social media platform, kill it.

Use Twitter and the other microblogging platforms as they were intended but make sure to spend time with your blog when you need to go deeper.

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