In these times of short attention spans, it can take more than just social media and SEO to get the average web surfer to stick around. Using videos can help retain and improve website traffic, creating a positive "sticky" solution while using SEO to ensure organic results in your SERP. Did you know that YouTube is the second most important search engine around? Why not empower your web presence with organic SEO while having fun? Here is one way of doing this.

How do you get a message out and make it stick?

It's not an easy task. Building interest is difficult, at best. However, the high visual appeal of a video makes plain body text appear as a poor second cousin to the website visitor. Videos have the potential to be attractive in a way that compels your readers to wait and see a full message or even click around your site.

Have you ever been curious enough to watch a video because of the buzz? As they wait for a video to upload, many snoop around the site, read the content and check out the ads. If your website and content are equally compelling, these clicks can help generate revenue. One well-thought-out video can help raise your rankings and, if used effectively, can turn your sometimes readers into loyal readers.

As well, videos can be used to promote the latest product. A well-crafted video is an effective marketing tool, which can help increase a website visitor's interest in the product. It also saves the visitor time that might otherwise be spent wading through information that has nothing to do with what they're looking for. In short, video promotion cuts out the middle man (the website's content) and goes straight to the sales.

Videos don't have to be the normal "person in a box" either. Take, for instance, a company by the name of SitePal. For $9.99 a month, you can create and use a talking head on your website. Some of their features include uploading your photo to use or using one of their 250 customizable stock avatars. You can then record your own voice or use theirs. Commonly known as a video spokesperson, a talking head can help make a needed human connection with the virtual customer. This connection makes them feel that he or she is being spoken to as an individual, and heightens the powers of persuasion. Well, that's the goal anyway.

Putting a Face to the Name

No one has the passion for your business that you do; not even a fantastic employee will have quite as much loyalty for your company. Video is an excellent opportunity to use that passion, to ensure your brand is defined in what you show the public. Your belief and passion will translate in your services, product and transfer through video in a way that isn't possible through written content. Using your personality as a positive, enlightening and informative spokesperson causes an emotional trigger in the viewer. Depending on your business, adding bells and whistles such as sound and special effects can enhance the whole viewing experience.

Let's use an e-merchant's website as an example. A video can offer a friendly, bright and successful way of communicating to the website visitor, explaining the promotion in a language your viewer will appreciate. This is especially viable if you have a special promotion for the holidays or a clearance sale. Video builds a fast connection with the user; they find the information they really want without seeing the same long-winded, ever-lasting pages with multiple URLs that take them away from your exciting product.

A video that integrates your organic SEO marketing with a product or special offer, as well as some entertainment, can be very effective. Relevant background music, clear audio quality (check for no whirring and neutral accents to enhance speech delivery) and great visuals grab the viewers with eye candy.

Pleasing Your Visitors and Search Engines

Creating appealing videos for your visitors is all well and good, but search engines can't listen to the video. Based on eye-tracking studies, we know that people tend to scan the search results in order from top to bottom. The eye starts from the first result and continues down the list until they find the result they want or decide to refine their query. Most videos are on the top of Google and Yahoo's page results.

However, a website with nothing but video will have a hard time showing up in the search engine listings. As with most things, however, there are work-arounds. Here are two of them:

  • Submit your video to other sites. Although YouTube is one of the most well-known video sites, don't forget MSN, Yahoo, Metacafe, AOL and others.

  • Use keyword rich text around the video. This text helps search engines define the content and relevance of the video. A text version of the video can also help disabled people who may want to see the video but can't hear what's being said. The written content creates a win-win situation, providing something that both disabled visitors and search engines will find helpful.


A website visitor must find enough value in your video to stick around. Don't be afraid to add a pop-quiz about the product or service offered, or a short survey that allows them to leave feedback or even win something. No matter what you do, make sure it adds to the video's appeal and gets your visitors involved. This will not only give you, another avenue in which to build relationships, grow your brand awareness, but also garner media attention, etc.

Keep in mind that we are now in the new decade of online marketing. Use all the tools available, whether it's video, SEO, PPC, social media or anything else. Be compelling, be aggressive (but not pushy) and engage your customers. As for the power of video, it's like no other e-marketing tool. A well-crafted video is a surefire way to use the scope of online marketing tools and dominate your target audience " in large numbers.

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