Google Insights is one of those services that makes me go "hmmmm" in a yummie kind of way. I like numbers, data, stats, a lot. Doesn't have to be meaningful either; just about any statistical insight is a good one.

For example, Philippe Kahn shares that it's a statistical fact that people with larger feet are better spellers. Why? "It’s because people with bigger feet are older."

slaps forehead

It is in this vain that I share with you the following Google Insights 🙂

World Wide & US Interest In Search Conferences

OK, let's find this out once and for all: where are these people who go to PubCon, SES and SMX?


pubcon world

Main interest comes from the USA, Canada, and the UK.

In Europe Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Span are represented by France is doing something completely different.

Furthermore we have interest in India, the Philippines and of course Australia.


Intriguing, too, to see how in the US interest in PubCon is concentrated on the West coast, California in particular.



SES draws tremendous attention from Canada, Australia and Spain.

SES interest in the US is too spread out to be even close on the mark so for the US national picture we added "san jose" to see where that would lead us.


Again, huge interest from California. Hmmm, I think I see a picture emerging here....



Very interesting picture when compared to the other conferences.

There's tremendous interest from the Philippines and Spain while the other usual SEO/SEM conference attending countries are more or less equally bored.

How does that look in the US?


With none of the modifiers having enough data we're "stuck" with the pure SMX search.

Lot of interest from the East coast again. Iowa surprisingly showing the most interest.

The Big Picture


Strongest interest in SEO conferences comes from Canada, the USA, UK, Australia, Spain, Philippines and Germany.

Due to the tremendous interest in SMX the Philippines are better represented as having an interest in serious SEO than India is.


As said, the US picture too is heavily influenced by the SMX conferences.

Eye-pokingly clear though is that SEO/SEM, maybe a lot of social media even, finds a willing ear in California. Leave the state of the valley of the tech and the picture looks a lot different.

Yadah Yadah Disclaimer

The usual applies. That is, no more searchers were hurt in the process of obtaining these statistics than was absolutely necessary except for one who kept redefining "link building" and how it relates to SEO.

Google doing a tremendous job of pro-actively filtering things the Chinese government didn't even know yet it wanted removed, we're of course also aware of any data filtering, data removal, data massaging and even data corruption going on.

<Ouch!!> Our legal advisor painfully pokes me in the back now and, through clenched teeth, tells me to get *@&$@^ on with and point out that there is no truly scientific basis to both the method and the facts data random numbers obtained with it.

There. I've said it.

Coming up...

In the next instalment:

  • Where are the search engine navigators and what in the world do they think they're doing?

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