Week 3 of the contest picked up a little, with 4 new entries. Voting has been very brisk. We've even seen forum postings talking about how to game our contest system ... we are mostly SEO's btw. Suffice to say ... how could this be an SEO contest without our using an 'algorithm'. Let me say this. The winner will not necessarily be the site with the 'Highest Average Score' as shown on the "Highest Rated" page, although this will be a factor. The number of votes will also be considered, as well, the voting patterns will be analyzed for inconsistencies. We also have opted not to show the real scoring since it makes the system easier to game (especially knowing who you all are) ... oooooooh does that sound alot like Google. We don't quite have 200 variables, but definitely more than 5. Matt ... I can sympathize with you to some extent. We want the best lyrics possible to win.

In any case, here were week 3's entries:

1) 'Home on the Web' - Parody of 'Home on the Range' by KathyK.

2) 'She Clicked You' - Beatles 'She Loves You' Parody by KathyK.

3) 'Google Loves Me' - Parody of 'Jesus Loves Me' by NameTicket.

4) 'Freakin S-E-O' - Parody of Bob Dylan's 'Blowin in the Wind' by Elizabeth Weintraub.

Week 4 is showing many more entries, and there are some good ones. So, keep submitting and voting ... you've still got time.

Back to the contest.

Thanks once again!

Jeff Quipp and the Search Engine People Team.