(version fran se) tontuyeau-logo Although "Ton Tuyau" is the literal translation of "You Tube", TonToyau.com isn't a one-on-one copy of YouTube.com.

An obvious difference is of course that TonTouyau is in french. And not french for the French: "If it isn't Quebecer, we DON'T want it", reads the site's slogan.

But that aside, some other differences really stand out.

Videos are approved before going live.


Uploading a video not appropriate to TonTuyau's mission, sharing Quebec video, is useless.

Second, there is no video sharing as such... If you find Louis-Jose's "yo man" sketch funny, forward the URL to your friends because there is no embedding provided.

Finally, TonTuyau has a forum.

Browsing the forum we discover that TonTuyau is facing some issues as a site and as a community.

There are complaints about the time it takes before videos are approved. Likewise there are messages of joy once a new batch has been finally been approved. There are several forum wars going on which apparently aren't handled that well by the moderators, if indeed at all. The combination of forum nuisance and delays before videos go live has some people post goodbye's with the stipulation that they're going to YouTube instead...

As with most of these sites, TonTuyau serves a mainly young audience. The site might be a good place if you want to get in touch with teens and young twenners from Quebec.