Or the Next President of the U.S of A...

Stephen Colbert

Social Media is the perfect medium for spreading a really catchy concept virally. Let's look at Stephen Colbert for example - The man is a top-notch comedian, who is also (sort of) the Greatest Living American (See proof below:)

To elaborate, Colbert recently ranked #1 on Google search results for the term "Greatest Living American", which speaks volumes for his fan following of webmasters online. In what is essentially called a "Google Bombing" tactic, webmasters linked to ColbertNation.Com with the anchor text of "Greatest Living American" (Read more about that here)

OK, so besides (possibly) being the Greatest Living American, why is Stephen Colbert good at Social Media?

When taking the majority of the North American population, people tend to be fickle and impulsive in their stance towards media entities. Now taking netizens (65%-75% of which are N.American) into consideration, you can multiply that factor of impulsive behaviour by X10.

Phew, I'm trying to pace myself here when getting to the point... Well the point is Colbert has what it takes to influence the masses of people online towards achieving his goals. Let's put some numbers into play:

The homepage of ColbertNation.com itself has had:

  • 64 Diggs
  • 38 StumbleUpon Approvals
  • 138% + Increase in Alexa Reach over the last 3 months
  • 170 User Comments for the last 3 posts (Oct 23-25)

All of this means that Stephen is great at creating sticky content that spreads virally pretty fast. Excluding the social media and search engine optimization heavyweights of this industry, I'd say Colbert is doing fairly well as the Prince of Social Media Optimization (SMO) in his niche.

The Truthiness Of It All...

In true Colbert fashion, there's a lesson to be learnt for America (and beyond) - Social Media Optimization is important for creating a stable infrastructure for all viral marketing matters for your business. No matter what you're selling or services that you're offering, you'd be pretty amazed at what SMO can do for you... SMO - And That's the WORD!