On our 10 years anniversary, we're happy to bring a giveaway for Advanced Web Ranking, the most complete search engine optimization software by Caphyon.

Is this software right for me?

If you are an SEO consultant or a website owner who wants to optimize websites for search engines, then the answer is definitely Yes!

About AWR

Advanced Web Ranking is the integrated solution that gives you everything you need to become an expert of rank tracking, link building, web analytics, social media monitoring and SEO research.

All these tools work together automatically, helping you to measure and improve your search optimization traffic and ROI.

Being a desktop based application, it has no limitations on the number of keywords, websites or search engines you can track. Plus, everything is securely stored on your drive, giving you full control on the frequency of gathering fresh rankings from the search engines.

Integration with the best SEO data sources

AWR runs on Mac, Windows and Linux and comes with a cloud service where you can share reports online with customers or with your staff.

Main functionalities

Optimization diagnostic and recommendations
Reporting automation
Full competitor analysis
Advanced rank tracking tools

Winners will receive an email with the Advanced Web Ranking Enterprise license key and free application updates for 1 year.

Good luck! 🙂

Optimization diagnostic and recommendations

  1. Website Auditor

The auditor is a diagnostic tool that analyzes your complete website architecture.

What is does for you

  • Parses your website page by page to identify all the obstacles that keep you from ranking higher
  • Analyzes your competitors sites revealing their strengths and weaknesses
  • Shows key details on: the on-page optimization level, links authority and social media exposure of each page.
  • Exports data to CVS

With the Website Auditor in AWR, you have the chance to uncover the true potential of your website.

  1. Content optimization

The content optimizer is a research tool that provides recommendations for keyword optimization based on best practices in SEO.

What is does for you

  • Evaluates the optimization level of a web page for specific keywords
  • Groups optimization factors by relevance
  • Provides recommendations for improvements
  • Calculates the On Page score reflecting the web page performance
  • Keeps historic evaluation sessions for comparison in time

With the Content Optimization tool in AWR, you can benefit from personalized on page recommendations specific to each webpage and keyword analyzed.

Reporting automation

  1. Automatic data gathering and delivery to email, FTP and AWR Cloud

The automatic tasks are completed by the AWR Scheduler service which runs in the background.

What it does for you

  • Retrieves fresh data from the search engines as often as you need
  • Generates reports automatically in different formats (HTML, PDF, CSV and more)
  • Sends reports by email or uploads them to FTP
  • Uploads HTML reports on the AWR Cloud so you can share them online with your customers.
  • Runs data backups for your website profiles created in the application.

Scheduled tasks in AWR help you get search results and report to your customers even when you are not in the office.

  1. White labeling

The white labeling functionality provides your with the ability to use custom header and footer in your reports.

What it does for you

  • Personalizes your reports with your company and your customers details in header
  • Offers the possibility to use HTML headers
  • Uses your own customized report title

The customizable header and footer sets in AWR help you boost your company credibility.

Full competitor analysis

  1. Keyword difficulty

The keyword difficulty is an advanced tool which determines how hard it is to rank on a search engine for a specific keyword.

What it does for you

  • Shows who are the top 10 competitors for your keyword
  • Reveals the authority and social shares of each competitor
  • Calculates the on-page optimization level of the pages analyzed
  • Displays the ranking factors that matter most in a comprehensive chart

Keyword Difficulty in AWR helps you focus on the most important ranking factors.

  1. Keyword research

The keyword research functionality in AWR includes multiple tools that help you identify the most profitable keywords.

What it does for you

  • Integration with Google AdWords suggestions.
  • Integration with SEMRush API for competitor keyword research.
  • Imports keywords selected directly into your website projects, so you can start track rankings for them.

Keyword research helps you choose the best keywords to compete for.

  1. Evolution in time charts

The comprehensive charts in AWR show you the evolution in time of your rankings, links and social shares in comparison with your competitors.

What it does for you

  • Displays data from First to Last update
  • Shows you the big picture of rankings by calculating the visibility score across all search engines
  • Tracks the progress of backlinks and social shares for each competitor landing page

The evolution in time charts help you easily evaluate your progress over time.

Advanced rank tracking tools

  1. Location based results

The Google Custom Location in AWR is a mechanism that helps you get rankings relevant for different locations.

What it does for you

  • Emulates the browsing behavior of your targeted audience
  • Extracts reliable results from Google based on customized locations that you define
  • Narrows accuracy down to country and city level

Rank tracking with user defined locations helps you provide international customers with accurate information.

  1. Third party proxy servers management

This is a system in AWR that allows you to add proxy servers to the application and manage them according to your customers location

What it does for you

  • Assigns a proxy or a list of proxy servers to each website project defined in AWR
  • Handles geolocation for specific customers based in different countries

Proxy servers management in AWR helps you speed up your keyword rankings for large projects.

  1. Vertical search analysis

Google Universal in AWR is a search engine that tracks also the specialized search entries (Images, Videos, Shopping etc.) which Google blends with the traditional organic results in the SERPs.

What it does for you

  • Shows the type of result for each position
  • Allows tracking only for the selected types of results

With the Google Universal search engine, you can see which type of content brings your website on a higher position.