yellow pages canada (version fran栩se) You saw your parents do it. Need a plumber? Check the Yellow Pages. Find another dentist? Browse the Yellow Pages.

It's an Institute, the de facto standard for finding a business near you.

The Yellow Pages started in the same year paper cups were invented. The same year the first Ford T's rolled of the production line. It was the year cellophane was invented. It was 1908.

That's right: Yellow Pages goes back almost 100 year.

Of course, established 22 years before the first analog computer (the "differential analyzer") and 43 years before the first commercially available computer (the oddly named Univac 1), Yellow Pages cannot but be expected to be going the way of the dinosaur. Right?


The Yellow Pages network in Canada (maintained by Yellow Pages Group) ranks as the 7th most visited by Canadians, reaching 43% of online Canadians at a tune of 9.9 million visitors per month.

That is a pretty amazing feat, especially when you consider how hard search engines are working to grab the local search market.