Neil Patel’s Dilemma

This week's cartoon is not at all a dig at Neil, but more a sign of respect. Neil is a well respected individual in our industry, who is a permanent fixture on all panels at related conferences discussing social media. He's also cofounder of ACS SEO. What's truly really impressive though, is that Neil is only 22, and is known as one of the definitive gurus in the space.

My good friend Ross Dunn of StepForth recalls years ago when Neil was just 15, and would call Ross and Jim Hedger to prod them for industry information when he was just getting started. Well, I'd say it panned out well for Neil, and he's now a leader in our space.

That said, Neil you had to know you had it coming when you referred to those in the industry over the age of 28 as 'old timers'.

Here's to you Neil!

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