Why Use Conversion Optimization to Increase Leads

by Helen M. Overland July 17th, 2013

Did you know that for every $92 Marketers spend to acquire traffic, on average only $1 is spent to optimize it, and turn this traffic into Leads? This is crazy! With the amount of budget and effort that businesses put into driving traffic to their sites, it's wasteful to be allowing traffic to simply bounce […]

5 Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies

by Steven Macdonald July 10th, 2013

Conversion rate optimization is a science. And unlike most online marketing techniques, conversion rate optimization is not something than can be scaled in ways that content marketing and SEO can be. This is because in order to fully understand conversion rate optimization you need to fully understand the customer and his/ her frame of mind […]

When it comes to landing page optimization science, there are certain people in the industry I look up to. Every once in a while, I come across an insightful piece of advice from them that works like a bolt of lightning, inspiring me to improve my ways. More often than not, this advice pertains to […]

How Registration Forms Can Affect Your Conversion Rate

by Helen M. Overland June 27th, 2013

Many E-Commerce sites offer you the ability to register on the site to make it easier to shop online. The site can then remember your address, name, email, and shipping details so you don't need to enter them every time you shop with that website. Interestingly though, is the number of E-Commerce sites that require […]

It is amazing how little some online marketers know about their landing pages. Like a tourist in a foreign country, a marketing newbie often gets a standard set of conversion optimization tips that normally include: "unclutter-unclutter-unclutter", "use compelling titles and images", etc. But is there more to these tips? Well, the more one learns about […]

10 Firefox Add-Ons to Improve Your Productivity

by Tony Choy April 12th, 2013

I love using Firefox. I have experimented with many different web browsers in the past, but I always switch back to Firefox in the end. Using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer feels like trying on a shoe that is a few sizes too small. It just doesn't feel right for me. One of the main […]

5 Simple Web Design Tips To Improve Site Conversions

by Alexis Elliott March 29th, 2013

Great web design is not about winning awards or having the most colorful website. Its about the experience your users encounter when they get to your site and achieve what you have set out for them to do. If you are a small business owner most likely your site is to create new leads and […]

App Store Optimizing: ASO For Your Google Play Store App Store Optimization is our topic today. Specifically, we will look at Android Apps and how-to optimize your Google Play Store. With the Google Play team celebrating their first "birthday," consumers have gone mobile and whether you are building Shopping Apps, Gaming Apps, or Social Apps, […]

How Web Site Usability and Conversions Are Different: Comparison

by Kimberly Krause Berg March 25th, 2013

The terms "usability" and "conversions" are often used loosely or in combination with each other. Neither is very descriptive and both are open to interpretation. In truth, they are two separate web design practices, with different goals. When brought together for a site design, the potential for web site success is explosive. The Biggest Difference […]

The holiday season provides all businesses with a large space to land more sales and increase their profit margin. Customer spending increases during this period and in 2012 sales was seen rising 4.1%. While most online businesses rely on SEO strategies to stand out from competition and grab the attention of their target audience, you […]