How To Optimize A Web Page For A Keyword

by Brian Flores November 11th, 2011

Too many times, people unfamiliar to SEO think it’s all about selecting a keyword that drives traffic and then plopping it all over a web page. That is an oversimplified understanding of SEO. There are, of course, more steps involved in the process. First, you must research which keywords you can realistically rank for and then optimize your web pages accordingly.

Get Even More From Your Number 1 Ranking

by Stacey Cavanagh October 31st, 2011

Achieving rankings really is only a portion of the job with SEO. Once you hit number one there is still more that you can do to enhance the benefits from that keyword for your client.

Business websites operate as a digital extension of the actual brick and mortar facility. They educate potential customers about their products and services, and serve as a marketplace for customers to make purchases: maintaining a high conversion rate is key.

To increase web site conversions, you have to motivate your visitors to do something.

All elements on your site and page must motivate people to take an action that you want them to take, and persuade them to take an action they didn’t expect to take (such as also purchase the item you recommend with the one they chose.)

How to pinpoint which keyword phrases aren’t so relevant for your site, and how to determine better keyword phrases to target

Converting Visits to Sales: SEO is Only Half the Battle!

by Ross Taylor September 16th, 2011

High rankings mean nothing if your site can't deliver on what the searcher needs.

7 Ways To Improve Conversion Rates On Your Squeeze Page

by David Bain September 12th, 2011

Boost the performance of your squeeze pages

For many SEO companies, your job is well done when you have accomplished ranking a web site for a selected keyword.  After that, it is the website's problem to convert the search engine traffic.  But what about those of us who happen to wear the hat of both webmaster and traffic strategist?  How can you [...]

Using Product Spotlights to Drive Conversions

by Nick Grant July 29th, 2011

What is a Product Spotlight and how do you use it to make more conversions?

Whether your site converts or not can depend, in large, on its tone.