How CTA’s Can Massively Increase Downloads For Your Mobile App

App store optimization (ASO) is almost completely different from web SEO, and it means taking care of several details that will get your app visible among all those competitors. By the last average count, Google Play offers users 1.5 million [...]

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Why You Don’t Need to Choose Responsive Design (But Should)

Google's launch of the Mobile-Friendly Algorithm almost set the world of SEO on fire. Digital marketers, SEOs, web designers and developers were preparing their torches and pitchforks for an Apocalypse of unforeseen magnitude as Google were stating the update would [...]

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Everything You Need To Know About Marketing Mobile Apps

Most marketers and business owners can identify with the shift from web to apps based on their own mobile use. There is a trend for many users to consider an Apps Only world, This requires some adaption by businesses and [...]

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How To Use Mobile Geo-location Successfully To Reach Your Target Audience


Over the last decade, the evolution of mobile phones has been so fast paced that this device has replaced a lot of gadgets in our lives. A case in point is that it has actually supplanted the GPS units (Global [...]

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5 Tools To Test If Your Website Is Really Mobile Friendly

With these tools at your disposal CEO's can check if their site really is mobile friendly. Developers can get specific instructions on what needs to be fixed how.

Whether you want to please your users, don't want Google to push your [...]

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How You Can Create A Mobile Friendly Online Store

Predicting and adapting to new trends or major shifts can certainly give your business a competitive edge (and failing to do so can force you out of the race as well). Mobile ecommerce is one such trend where you need [...]

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5 Essential Ingredients to Creating Mobile-Friendly Content

The mobile revolution has arrived and is here to stay! For businesses, the first step to conquering this new arena is adapting any of the following strategies to cater to mobile users: a responsive web design, a mobile-focused website or [...]

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Why You Should Choose Responsive Design Over A Mobile Site


According to Google, over the past two years alone, mobile search traffic has increased five-fold.

As more and more customers are on the go, searching for products and services from their mobile devices it's becoming imperative for businesses to engage with [...]

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Responsive Mobile Website Design is Becoming More Important Than Ever

With mobile internet users outgrowing desktop users (in some countries) mobile friendly websites are a must.

In the past we have often recommended a solution of a one page mobile friendly website on a subdomain like m.example..com, redirecting [...]

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3 Tips for Using Infographics on Mobile

There are dozens of ways infographics can be displayed both online and offline, but perhaps the most popular format for visualizing information is that of a long, vertical scrolling design. This works perfectly for online sharing and reposting on blogs, [...]

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