A long term SEO strategy for rising up the search rankings will involve factors that you can control and build on. In addition, the more you build up a base of customers who are heavily invested in your products and services, the more likely you'll build a lasting and influential SEO strategy.

Improve SERP Rankings with Long Tail Keywords

by Brian Farrell July 27th, 2012

Analysis of behavioral trends on a vertical search engine, showing how a slight change in user behavior improved organic rankings.

Summary: no, not in the 1-on-1 "mechanical", algorithmic way.

Working for a PR, social media and SEO agency I create and execute integrated strategies across these three disciplines, ensuring that my clients’ are visible in the media, on social networks and in organic search engine listings.

When Bounces Affect Your Rankings

by Ruth Burr December 28th, 2011

Both Google and Bing have indicated that your sites bounce rate can affect your rankings in the SERPs (how much is a separate issue). This has caused some confusion among website owners, chiefly because what constitutes a bounce means different things to different people (and different analytics platforms). Lets talk about bounce rate, what it means and when a bounce will and will not affect your rankings.

5 Page Quality Indicators That Can Outweigh PageRank

by Bradley Zarich October 10th, 2011

PageRank would be a great indicator of page quality and relevancy if there is no link selling or artificial link building involved. Lacking that, Google has to implement a quality scoring system independent of link popularity.

Use Testimonials To Bump Up Your Ranking

by Joel Black May 26th, 2011

You may have heard several weeks back about a major chain (no names here) hiring an SEO company to better their ranking. This SEO company did an amazing job getting them indexed #1 for hundreds of terms…that is until Google found out they were tricking the system. So how did they do it and how […]

How To Track Clicks On #Anchors in Google Analytics

by Shockley Au December 7th, 2010

Last week, a question from a client landed in my inbox, about whether or not it was possible to track clicks on anchors/fragments. Good question! While the vanilla out-of-the-box Google Analytics doesn't do this, a little bit of customization with JavaScript can do the trick. Here's how.

Google Updates Rankings to Penalize Negative Reviews

by Helen M. Overland December 1st, 2010

To explain why Google is making this algorithm change, first you need to know the story that unfolded this week: A couple of days ago, the New York Times ran a story about a company who claims to be generating business by getting NEGATIVE reviews online. In the story, a company called DecorMyEyes allegedly gave […]

When your SEO service provider sees your site at page 1 of Google and you see it at page 2, here's one setting that might be involved.