How To Get Reviews And Improve Local Ranking With Google+ Local

There are few things that can contribute to your rankings if you run a local business including profiles on major local networks such as Google+ Local, Yelp and UrbanSpoon (if you're a local food vendor). This post is designed to help you sort confusion caused by recent actions from Google and improve using new Google+ Local profile.
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Strategies for Staying at the Top of the Search Rankings

A long term SEO strategy for rising up the search rankings will involve factors that you can control and build on. In addition, the more you build up a base of customers who are heavily invested in your products and services, the more likely you'll build a lasting and influential SEO strategy.
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Improve SERP Rankings with Long Tail Keywords

Analysis of behavioral trends on a vertical search engine, showing how a slight change in user behavior improved organic rankings.
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Does Adding A Title On My Links Help With Ranking?

Summary: no, not in the 1-on-1 "mechanical", algorithmic way.
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How To Boost Your Search Engine Rankings With An Integrated SEO/PR Approach

Working for a PR, social media and SEO agency I create and execute integrated strategies across these three disciplines, ensuring that my clients’ are visible in the media, on social networks and in organic search engine listings.
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When Bounces Affect Your Rankings

Both Google and Bing have indicated that your sites bounce rate can affect your rankings in the SERPs (how much is a separate issue). This has caused some confusion among website owners, chiefly because what constitutes a bounce means different things to different people (and different analytics platforms). Lets talk about bounce rate, what it means and when a bounce will and will not affect your rankings.
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5 Page Quality Indicators That Can Outweigh PageRank

PageRank would be a great indicator of page quality and relevancy if there is no link selling or artificial link building involved. Lacking that, Google has to implement a quality scoring system independent of link popularity.
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Use Testimonials To Bump Up Your Ranking

You may have heard several weeks back about a major chain (no names here) hiring an SEO company to better their ranking. This SEO company did an amazing job getting them indexed #1 for hundreds of terms...that is until Google [...]

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How To Track Clicks On #Anchors in Google Analytics

Last week, a question from a client landed in my inbox, about whether or not it was possible to track clicks on anchors/fragments. Good question! While the vanilla out-of-the-box Google Analytics doesn't do this, a little bit of customization with JavaScript can do the trick. Here's how.
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Google Updates Rankings to Penalize Negative Reviews

To explain why Google is making this algorithm change, first you need to know the story that unfolded this week:

A couple of days ago, the New York Times ran a story about a company who claims to be generating business [...]

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