Google seems to constantly have us worrying no matter how transparent they try to be, and this year the buzz seems to be around guest posting. The practice has been an important one for many companies, so Google's news to get strict with different policies and linking opportunities wasnt taken lightly in the community. It [...]

Social Media Marketing: The Transparent Expenditure

by Gabriella Sannino June 6th, 2014

Many traditional marketers will quickly note that using social media marketing to increase SEO is a dangerous venture without the proper measurement for ROI. In fact, that is correct for all forms of marketing and SEO efforts. One of the key components of any marketing venture is a careful, pre-planned analysis of expenditures against goals. [...]

Advertising on social media has grown astronomically in a very short period of time. Considering it didn't even exist ten years ago (the first social media ad was released on Facebook in 2004) the estimated $12 billion of revenue it will generate by 2017 is indeed impressive. But I would argue it's not all that [...]

How to Get Started Marketing on Instagram

by Adrienne Erin June 2nd, 2014

For a lot of marketers, the land of strictly-mobile social apps like Instagram and Snapchat is completely foreign. We're more comfortable building campaigns on the networks we understand: Facebook, Twitter, and maybe Pinterest. But the world is becoming increasingly mobile-first. Desktop-first social networks like Facebook are starting to give way to other networks that suit [...]

Can Social Media Improve Customer Service?

by Jonathan Saar May 30th, 2014

Can social media influence the perception of customer service?

LinkedIn has 250+ million users. The vast majority of them are on LinkedIn for one of three purposes: 1) Find a Job, 2)Check Out a Job Applicant/Potential Job Applicant, and 3) Build Their Professional Network. Note that these are all business focused tasks. Thus, advertising on LinkedIn offers a unique opportunity amongst social networks. Namely, [...]

National enterprise marketing on social media platforms has changed dramatically in the past few years. Most major social media sites now have analytic tools available for users to measure the efficacy of their campaigns, but that doesnt necessarily solve the challenges faced by national brands that implement campaigns across vast networks and geographic areas. Popular [...]

7 Ways To Use Social Media In The Selling Process

by Brian Farrell May 23rd, 2014

Social media is an essential component in a modern marketer's toolbox, so it's important to have a clear understanding of the fundamentals. Business in general is becoming increasingly social, making social media marketing more important for the selling process. You can think of social media marketing as consisting of a few key factors, which work [...]

Social Media Tips for Churches

by Richard Picart May 22nd, 2014

With millions of people attending some sort of weekly worship experience, you would think that the online phenomena of social media would be a natural go to spot for faith influencers. Well, it's not. At least not for many of them. With church attendance on the decline (and weekly Saturday and Sunday morning Starbucks runs [...]

Integrate Your WordPress Blog with Google+

by Eileen Lonergan May 20th, 2014

I am not going to lie, I have had my frustrating moments with Google+, but really it isn't hard to integrate into your WordPress website / blog and it is worth it! Google+ is used in ranking factors, and why not doing anything / everything you can to grab seo advantages? To help you succeed, [...]