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How to Promote Your Content on Google+

While Google+ may not be as prolific a social network as others (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), it is still an invaluable platform for content promotion. Google+ promotion tactics range from organic to paid, though currently, Google+ ads aren't yet [...]

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How To Promote Your Content On Facebook

That means you have to work harder smarter to maximize the impact of your Facebook marketing strategy.

These tips help you make the most of paid and organic strategies.
1. Schedule Updates
Check your page insights and track all engagement levels. Schedule [...]

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How To Promote Your Content On Twitter

The scheduling tip alone will boost your reach and engagement: to think about reaching people waiting for meetings is brilliant.
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Quantify Objectives To Make Social Measurable

One of the primary barriers we encounter when talking to businesses about social media implementation is measurement.

For years, web marketers have sold the virtues of web marketing via its accountability. Clicks could be tracked, conversions could be measured & ROI [...]

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7 Hashtags Turned Bashtags: Lessons Learned

1. Coca Cola #MakeItHappy
Coca Cola's social media marketers came up with a cute idea. Add #MakeItHappy to a negative tweet and Coca Cola's Twitter bot will pick it up and use the message's characters to create a cute ASCII art [...]

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Using Content Discovery & Curation To Power Content

A common goal of content and social media marketing campaigns is to drive more traffic to our websites.

Businesses swear by the power of great content in engaging their target audience and encouraging them to interact more often and more personally [...]

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6 Steps To Bulletproof Your New Social Media Campaign

In today's digital era, it takes much more than online presence alone to reap the benefits of social marketing. Given that , it's crucial to have an effective online marketing strategy.

Follow the framework outlined in this article to get your [...]

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How To Calculate The ROI of Social Media

Business owners who invest money in maintaining their social media accounts for advertising purposes often ask me how they can calculate their return on investment (ROI).

While measuring the ROI of social media can help you determine if a [...]

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How To Use Quora To Write Your Post

In my previous post I wrote about How LinkedIn Convinced Powerful Influencers to Create Content. I was curious about LinkedIn's Influencer Program, more specifically I wanted to know how they managed to get so many influencers to write on their [...]

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How to Build Your Brand By Giving It Personality

For better or worse, the cultural phenomenon known as "Kimye" is here to stay. Visit just about any social media or news website, and you'll be bombarded with images and stories of power couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. While [...]

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