Mother's Day

We love our moms, and after all they've done for us, it only seems fitting to celebrate them in a big way on mother's day. With a kick-butt marketing campaign designed to get the word out about your products and services, you can make the day of every mom out there AND generate some great business at the same time.

Here's a quick and dirty guide to getting started:

Use Google's  "Here's To The Moms" For Mother's Day Marketing Ideas

With so many people using Google, why not take advantage of the high traffic this search engine receives by putting it to work for you? Google has a page they have designed specifically for Mother's Day called Here's to the Moms. there's a link for gift ideas found on this page, which would be a great place to advertise your company's products.

Action Steps:

Go to the Google Here's to the Moms page, then scroll to the bottom and click on the tab information for merchants. Here, you'll find out how you can get started selling your products on Google.

Tug At Heartstrings with A Mother's Day Promo or Contest

The makeup company Almay did an excellent job of this with their campaign last year, in which they launched a contest where participants could enter to win a trip for two to NYC and receive free makeovers from Almay by sharing their favorite mother-daughter makeup moments. They asked their spokesperson, Kate Hudson, to open up about her relationship with her mom in behind the scenes videos. Kate talked about the strong bond she and her mom (Goldie Hawn) have and the makeup secrets she's learned from her mom.

Action Steps:

Everyone likes to share stories, so come up with a theme relevant to mothers and daughters and ask your fans to share stories that relate to that theme.

Think Of A Clever Way To Tie In Your Brand And Product

Maidenform, the company that sells shape-wear, bras and lingerie, launched a Mother's Day campaign in which they asked their fans to submit a photo that shows how they've been shaped by their mother. They created a hashtag they asked participants to use (#MFShapesMe) and then using that hashtag, participants could share their pictures on Twitter or Instagram.

Action Steps:

Consider how your brand or the products you sell relate to moms and daughters. For example, if you sell kitchen gadgets, you could ask fans to submit stories about cooking in the kitchen with their moms. Or, if you're in the tourism industry, you could have fans share funny vacation stories about traveling with their moms.

Put Gift Ideas For Moms On Sale And Get The Word Out

Knowing how much moms love to take pictures of their children, Target had the clever idea of putting their cameras on sale. Then, on Twitter, they tweeted: Fact #1: Moms love cameras. Fact #2: we've got an awesome camera sale going on. Fact #3: you're so set for Mothers Day.

Action Steps:

Think about what you sell that moms would enjoy and put those items on sale. Or if you offer services such as massages, pedicures, facials, etc., offer them at a discounted rate with a Mothers Day Special.

Help Your Customers Find Their Mother's Day Gift

People can get pretty stressed over finding the perfect gift for their moms. Take a cue from the popular grocery store chain Publix and share ideas on social media. They launched a campaign called Twelve Days for Mom and each day for 12 days, they shared practical suggestions and ideas to celebrate moms.

Action Steps:

Come up with your own ideas to celebrate moms and share them on Twitter or Facebook, or post pictures of celebratory ideas and share them on Pinterest or Instagram. Better yet, have your fans get in on the action by asking them to post their ideas too!