Throughout 2013, Google and Ipsos MediaCT conducted 61 simulated search experiments to measure the impact of search ads on brand awareness. The results show that Paid Search increased top-of-mind awareness by 80% even when the consumer doesn't click on the ad, with some of the strongest lifts in the Auto and B2B categories.


The 6 PPC Brand Awareness Steps

  1. Make Search a priority in your media plans! Generally 30% of marketing dollars are allocated to online activities. Depending on your overall objectives and timeframes, allocation of online budgets should be split between Search activities (SEO and PPC), Display, Social and Mobile - The key here is to ensure Search and other digital activities are not an after-thought, but part of the overall plan from the start.
  2. Make sure you measure the right results. When you focus some of your Paid Search efforts on brand awareness, you need to measure brand relevant metrics such as share of voice through impressions and clicks and how your web visitors are engaging with the site.
  3. Clearly identify your target audience, understand your customer's journey and use Search to entice and educate your audience.
  4. Make sure the landing page experience and call to action aligns with the customer journey. Don't go in for the kill and ask for the sale if you are just introducing the brand through broad category keywords. Offer up information on your services, content that answers a question, or reasons to trust your brand.
  5. Don't let those clicks go to waste! If a visitor isn't ready to buy from you, it doesn't mean you can't capture an email address and build your owned media. Put those email dollars to work, and nurture those leads into sales.
  6. Make sure your brand is prominent in your ad copy. You need to be able to convey either your brand image or your unique selling point (or both) to differentiate you from your competitors. Take it a step further, and ensure your Search ads align with your offline campaigns.



With Paid Search, you can reach an audience that you know is interested, and interested right now. This audience doesn't necessarily have to take action immediately, however with a well planned and executed Search strategy, you can drive brand results throughout the customer journey, with timely messaging, heightened awareness and engagement for the brand.