What is Content Marketing?
Content marketing is an online marketing strategy in which a company creates and distributes relevant and valuable content for the purpose of engaging and building a specific target audience.


  • Your business offers SEO services, you write about news, events and trends in search engine marketing.
  • You are a dentist, you write about dentures, cosmetic dentistry, and toothbrushes.
  • You provide people an alternative to crutches, you answer questions on how to drive with a broken foot, how to navigate stairs with a knee injury or how to shower with a cast.

But you knew all of this already, and you probably already have a great list of ideas on what your company blog can do for your business. To be really successful with your bog, you want to put yourself at the top of the pyramid. This means that not only do you share your original content, but you provide round ups and offer opinions on trending topics. So, what you need is a research assistant, someone to scour the internet looking for relevant information for you to build upon or share.

Or just get a plugin for your WordPress blog!

A Content Curator Plugin for WordPress can do the groundwork for you: find (curate) articles on topics you choose, import them into your WordPress website, allow you to edit and write your comments or ideas, repurpose images and easily publish.

I have a round up of Content Curation Plugins for you:

  • MyCurator - MyCurator works tirelessly in the background delivering a pipeline of interesting, usable content to you throughout the day. The Get It Bookmarklet lets you capture content as you browse the web. Quickly curate this content onto your site with great curation tools. Use Notebooks to save the best articles and posts you find for use in your original articles or building complex curated posts.

  • Scribe - Scribe makes it easy to conduct in-depth research that helping writers and content producers to quickly identify content marketing opportunities for search and social media traffic and leads.
  • CM Tooltip - there are versions of the plugin for both WooCommerce and Amazon Affiliates. With this you can display products from your Woocommerce shop associated with any term or word appearing on your WordPress website and by this engage users to make content related purchases.

The bigger picture for content marketing is to get people to your site and ultimately take an action, buy something, engage your services or simply come back on a regular basis. In addition to the plugins above, I suggest you take a look at these articles on how to get the most out of your content marketing program:

I am sure I missed something fabulous, will you share with me in the comments? Or if you learned something, will you share with your tribe?

Many Thanks!