Tools To Find The Perfect Social Media Content


Are you always looking for helpful and interesting content to share on your social media?

Do you find it difficult to find the right content for your audience?

Finding content has always been a big pain for social media marketer. Because there is just too much content around the web.

That's why curating content has become a big part of social media marketer's job. It takes a big effort to filter out the relevant ones, let alone the good ones.

So here are 3 very useful tools to help you find the perfect content for your social media

Feedly: Articles from your favorite websites at a glance

Feedly is the single place you go to read your favorite newspapers, magazines and blogs.

No more browsing through multiple websites, add your favorite websites into Feedly and let it give you the ultimate reading experience.

Feedly allows you to see all the latest articles from all your desired websites at a glance. You can also get a preview of the article before clicking into it.


If you don't have any websites in mind, you can go through Feedly's huge list of good sources and add them into your account. Simply enter the topic you are interested and Feedly will suggest you the best sources of articles.


Plus, its beautiful design and easy-to-use features makes the reading experience extremely comfortable.

Use Feedly to curate articles for sharing on your social media. You don't need to search around multiple websites for relevant articles anymore. Just go to Feedly and everything is there.

picjumbo: Totally free photos for your commercial & personal work

We all love images don't we?

Statistics shows that sharing images on your social media can really boost the engagement.

However, there's a tricky thing when it comes to sharing images. More often than not, the images you find on the internet have rights reserved and are not allowed to be used without approval.

But that doesn't mean that you cannot find beautiful images for free. The internet is a wonderful place and there are always good people willing to share their work with you.

Enter picjumbo, a website that lets you find high resolution photos totally free of charge.


Picjumbo has a huge variety of free photos. You can find high resolution photos from different categories simply by clicking through its category list. You can also narrow down your search by simply adding your desired keyword to its search bar.

You can even enter the test drive mode and preview how the image looks like when it is displayed differently.


Picjumbo also allows you to subscribe to their newsletter and get new photos delivered straight to your inbox.

If you like their images and want more, picjumbo offers a premium account for you to get more high quality photos.

Use picjumbo to find the perfect image for your social media, and increase the engagement with your audience.

EXTRA: Here are a few more websites that provide high quality images for absolutely free:,,

* Leader image with work by Christopher Chan

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