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I am leading ServiceNow digital localization strategy as Director of Localization, overseeing processes and bringing teams together. My SEO, PPC, Analytics, Optimization and UX background assist with internationalization and globalization efforts of our corporate site.


2 thoughts on “3 Barriers To Remove In Your Lead Generation Process

  1. Hi Lyena,

    I would love to add another point here. Another barrier is lack of information or content. Most of the websites out there are more focused on making sales rather than educating their valuable prospects with the necessary information. That’s what makes a business stand out from their competitor. It is absolutely important for businesses to provide high quality information for the potential customers to make preferred decision on purchasing their services or product.

    This is from my point of view. Please do correct me if I’m wrong!


    1. On target, @Naven. “Giving it all away” only gains you business; it can’t lose you business. If someone is looking for information to DIY, they will DIY.

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