Personalization As Emotional Trigger In Brand Marketing


The average number of business-related emails will touch to at least 140 each day in 2018.

Consumers are already overburdened by the quantity of emails they receive each day and as such personalization is the only way to make your brand voice seen and heard amongst the crowd.

Forecasting is a great weapon for marketers that gives them the power to make informed decisions by successfully predicting the future trends.

Taking the risk to reinvent is the first step to think on behalf of the customer. It's clear,consumers are increasingly demanding more personalized and customized service in the digital as well as physical worlds.

We, as digital marketers can make use of some great strategies to connect with the choices of customers. Personalization is highly effective but sadly an underutilized strategy.

As per E-consultancy, 94% of in-house marketers agree that website personalization is critical to current and future success.

As per Janrain, nearly three-fourths (74%) of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content (e.g., offers, ads, promotions) appears that has nothing to do with their interests.

This is great data for us to realize the importance of segmentation and personalization.

Use Personalization in Creative Ways - Some Great Examples to Consider

The below chart provides a clear idea about the effectiveness of personalization on key metrics:

Source: Autopilothq

Here are some great examples where brands leveraged the power of personalized to increase conversions:

1- Patxi Pizza grew it's sales by over 30% by personalizing customer communication. The ideas was to reward customers with incentives with every order. Customers spent significantly more money (30% higher average check) and bought pizza more often (18% increase in frequency after the first reward) when given incentives.The entire case study can be downloaded from here.

2- As per Mail Chimp case study, segmented campaigns performed markedly better than their non-segmented counterparts with personalized email marketing campaigns receiving 51.92% higher clicks than non-segmented campaigns.



3- was able to increase the conversion rates by 332% simply by adding relevant product recommendations a visitor selected a personalised product recommendation.

4- Nike capitalised on their Instagram following turning followers into customers with their Nike #PHOTOiD campaign. Under this, an Instagram image has to be selected. Then,Nike created a colour scheme for the trainers that match the colours in the image.


Once customized, the shoe design can be shared on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+, and most importantly customers can then simply click through to Nikes mobile store to buy their new personalised trainers.

Without spending any penny, Nike was able to reach some impressive figures:

  • 100,000 shoes created in the first week
  • 600 shoes created per hour at peak
  • 8% clicked through to buy shoes on Nike ID


Nike IDs online community is estimated to be 15 million strong with revenue of the fiscal year 2013 exceeding $100 million.

5- Ignite one in helped Toyota receive an impressive 95 percent increase in conversion rates by incorporating the IgnitionOne proprietary Engagement Score to inform the creation of specific Custom Audiences. Under this, individuals can be grouped into clearly defined audiences based on level of overall engagement and interest.

List Of Helpful Tools

Bariliance - Allows you to segment and target your customers with relevant dynamic content, messages and offers in real time. You can offer each customer a personalized shopping experience by defining multiple segments based on real time shopper engagement, traffic source, weather, browsing device and social media attributes.

Marketizator - Provides advanced segmentation capabilities that allows you to target consumers based on 40 different segmentation criteria like those who are coming from social media websites and have a Mac. Also, it allows you to add dynamic text to banners, ad triggering options on-exit, on-load or on-scroll, ad-scheduling etc.

ClickMeeting - An awesome tool to organize webinars for personalized marketing. It allows you to connect with your influencers using personalized meeting rooms . Influencers are a great channel of effective communication because consumers already trust them. There is no better way to connect with the influencers other than organizing webinars and have a one-to-one meeting with them. This is one of the most popular strategies that has a high ROI.

Bunting - Do you want your website to instantly become relevant to each and every customer? Bunting is the tool that you should opt for. A completely automated tool that saves time. It uses real sales data to give superior recommendations and better sales.

Personyze - If you are looking for more targeting options then this is the tool that you should use. Personyze allows you to group your visitors into Audiences based on Geo-Location, Onsite Behavior, System Information, Weather Forecast, Social and Facebook Data, along with 70 additional Out of The Box Characteristics.

Convinced? Let's tap into the power of personalization to help our digital marketing campaign succeed. Please share your experiences in the comments below where you have used personalization as a key strategy to drive in conversions.

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