In a world of ever changing scenarios, dynamic digital marketing strategies can help differentiate businesses. Advanced platforms and new technologies promise to bring about changes in the way businesses engage customers. As a business or an internet marketer, you can leverage cutting edge apps, devices and social networks for best results.

You will need to be more mobile, relevant and engaging to reach customers, and be aware of the circumstances in which they currently operate. Here are a few marketing tips you may embrace to get a head start on your competitors.

Location Services

Most of the consumers are waiting for you to locate them. Social apps like Foursquare, Path and have location features that are regarded as potential goldmines with a lot of important data concerning consumers. The NFC technology (Near Field Communication) in products such as Google Wallet has started showcasing its potential. While issues regarding privacy encircling location services need resolution, consumers still demand that marketers understand their daily circumstances and come up with ways that make their lives simpler.

Businesses can make use of the location services to enhance their trade by merely creating a profile on the aforementioned apps and using it actively by incorporating promotions depending on the system around them. For instance, people can check in to a location on Foursquare, and let their friends know where they are. For every location that can be checked in to, Foursquare has a profile for it. By directing more traffic to your website/blog, you can increase the reputation of your business.

New Ads Plan

While new mobile platforms and online videos are attracting much attention, the amount of money businesses spend towards these marketing tools is high compared to the time customers spend visiting them. Instead of just throwing capital at these advanced channels in the form of forced view ads and pre-roll video solutions, user-initiated options that respect the interests and time of the users must be looked at. New formats for ads that aid brands in looking beyond banner blindness and clutter, like in-image ads, that integrate the messages that brands wish to communicate in an elegant manner, within appropriate content.

The best bet is to resort to social networks as the number of users is increasing rapidly in this sector. By creating an account on sites like Pinterest or Facebook, you can advertise for your product/services on these forums and have access to direct consumer interaction. You can find out how the market perceives your company and what you can do to better your service.

User-generated Curation

Content discovery applications like Pulse, Foodspotting, Fancy and Flipboard power UGC or user-generated curation. Merchants and content producers are providing the feeds that consumers are tweaking to match their contexts and interests, filtering information and curating individualised information platforms.

These models offer great help in making brands more relevant to customers and also provide advanced opportunities to marketing personnel. For example, Pinterest has been applauded by marketers and consumers alike, for having shown the power that relevance and personal curation can have for businesses. If you own a restaurant, for instance, you can put up your services on Foodspotting and make it known to people. This will allow you to know how customers look at your business and what they expect.

Integrated Marketing

If every context of your communication with customers is relevant, it will improve brand recall while enhancing engagement. According to a research, 72% of customers prefer an integrated marketing approach, but less than 40% are actually receiving it. In these increasingly interconnected times, Google has found that customers have a brand recall of 74% when the marketers integrated strategy is implemented across TV, online and mobile mediums.

Bridging apps such as Viggle are known for delivering second-screen relevance. Along with QR codes, these apps help marketers in unleashing integrated, multi-platform relevance. They also reach out to a large audience based on the audience you target. Viggle, for instance, serves as a multiple platform for all Android users. By advertising on this app, you can reach a large number of people and help your business gain recognition.

The advancements in media and technology are bringing about changes in the way we interact and filter our world. Smart marketers will find success when they engage with the prevailing tastes that resonate most with the customers of today by choosing new and valuable tools.