Google captured the interest of the world when it unveiled the video showcasing Project Glass, an initiative built around its development of a new pair of glasses. Keep in mind that these are not your typically shades. The new Google Glasses promise to deliver apps, video, and all the luxuries users are currently enjoying on their mobile devices. With capabilities such as this, these sexy specs could have a huge impact on the marketing world. Check out some of the opportunities brands might have if Google Glasses become a reality.

An Even Better Digital Assistant

Apple won the world over when it incorporated the voice-powered digital assistant SIRI into the iPhone 4S. Siri is great, but Google Glasses have the potential to be an even better digital assistant. Instead of scrambling for your phone, you can rely on your shades to do everything from pulling up a list of your contacts to pulling up directions to tomorrows meeting location. There is still a lot of information that has yet to be revealed, but from what is known, features such as facial recognition, voice recognition, and deep integration with popular business services like Maps could make Google Glasses the modern professionals best friend. 

Push For Mobile Commerce

Many of the newer smartphones are more than capable of making purchases, but mobile shopping is still in its infancy. While activity is increasing, one reason it has been slow is due to all the obstacles standing in the way of the consumer and making the purchase they want. Small screens and touch functionality are just part of the problem. If designed right, Google Glasses could make such factors a non-issue. Having the ability to research, customize, and make purchases from a pair of shades not only benefits consumers, but also the companies who are providing the products and services they want. 

Greater Visibility

Even being a moderate success will enable Google Glasses to increase the visibility for savvy marketers. Users will have the ability to browse websites, connect via social media, discover new content via search, and much more. In this sense, Google Glasses is equivalent to an iPad, iPhone, or other type of channel businesses target for establishing a presence. But simply knowing that users can connect from a new medium isnt going to drive good results. It will be marketers who take the time to understand and optimize for this new platform who enjoy the max benefits.


Nothing is official about Project Glass at this point, but that has not stopped Google Glasses from being one of the most talked about stories on the interwebs. If people arent praising them, they are ridiculing them, and trust us when we say there has been plenty of that going on. Will they change marketing as we know it? That remains to be seen, but they sure look like they will demand the attention of the opportunistic businessman.

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