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How to Build a Community of Commenters At Your blog

One of the most common comments I hear is that it's difficult to get readers to Comment. As a general rule, a Blog is considered "successful" if there is a sense of Community among the readers. And the truth is that the most interesting part of a good Blog posting will very often be the Comments themselves.

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10 Must Have Social Media Resources for Marketing Local Business

To ensure you're getting the most out of social media, whether you're a newbie or you're an experienced social media marketer, its always helpful to have a useful list of resources to refer to and pull from to generate ideas and keep up with trends in the marketplace. With that being said, we've compiled 10 must-have resources below to help with marketing local business.

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Link Building After Penguin

Google is constantly releasing updates to its algorithm, and these updates can frequently devalue certain link building tactics that had previously worked well. The latest major instance of this type of update was Penguin. There have been a lot of [...]

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