Ever wanted to become a power Digger? Come on now ... sure you have.

Here's how to start.

Its a well known fact that Digg trusts content from some sites more than others. Why not ... the larger sites are obviously more conservative and more sensitive to public scrutiny. Such sites are much less likely to publish rubbish for fear of reprisals, lost confidence, and reputation management fiascos. As I talked about in my post last week 4 Pillars of Social Media Algorithms - Trust x4, Digg rewards sites it trusts by permitting them to go hot at lower votes counts than those it trusts less. Makes sense right?

So, lets then begin by identifying some of the most trusted sites by Digg:

1. Youtube.com
2. Yahoo News
3. ArsTechnica.com
4. CNN
5. News.com
6. NYTimes
7. BBC
8. Wired
9. Gizmodo
10. Flickr
11. Reuters
12. RawStory
13. Washington Post
14. Physorg
15. Kotaku
16. ThinkProgress
17. TorrentFreak
18. TechCrunch
19. Guardian.co.uk
20. Nasa and its subdomains
21. Dailymail.co.uk
22. Timeonline.co.uk
23. LiveScience.com
24. ESPN.GO.com
25. NewScientist.com

This is the ideal way to start building your profile ... submit from trusted sources. Obviously, there are other factors at work too, but this is definitely one of the biggest.

Enjoy submitting, and good luck!