With Google Chrome expected to pass Firefox as the second-most-popular browser by the end of the 2011*, the development of Chrome Extensions has exploded.

Among these add-ons are a variety of SEO tools that provide built-in metrics designed to make lighter work of climbing or looking at those rankings. If your business depends on Search Engine Optimization, these tools could make your life easier:



SEOmoz is a company that really knows SEO, so it's no wonder their extension for Chrome is well-received as a helpful resource. While searching on Google, Mozbar gives you the option to show the page rank beneath each search result. With a click of their toolbar icon, you can quickly analyze Page Elements like title, meta information, and other markup in a clean, organized format. Go a step further by clicking over to the Page Attributes tab, where you can find data on page links separated by category, along with other attributes. The extension can also highlight links on the page based on link type, highlight user-entered keywords, as well as many other functions.


SEO Status Pagerank/Alexa Toolbar


Dig in to any web page with this indispensable page rank tool. While browsing, an icon in your Google toolbar updates with the current page rank and a small bar that fills to visualize the ranking from one to ten. Upon clicking on the icon, you can uncover more helpful details in the popup that appears. See the Alexa rank, IP address, and Geolocation in the small popup that appears. If that's not enough, the popup includes a list of ten links for resources on the page, including Google Trends and Yahoo Backlinks.


SEO SERP Workbench


This highly-rated extension allows users to quickly see where multiple sites rank on a given keyword. Rather than a toolbar icon, SEO SERP Workbench functions more like an application. Each project is given a name so it can be tracked over time, and users can even export the results into an HTML grid. Once a keyword and is selected, a user can enter websites to compare. In addition to showing the ranking of each site for the keyword term, this tool shows unmatched top results to consider in your SEO efforts. Another great feature is the ability to filter certain keywords and websites from your results.

Do you have a Chrome Extension that should be added to this list? Share your recommendations in the comments section below!


*According to a September 2011 report by Computerworld